【 Backup tool "ActiveImage Protector-RE" | Case Study】

The backup environment that can widely cover from a virtual environment to a PC terminal was constructed by introducing “ActiveImage Protector-RE”. This enables effective use of storage space as well as security of data maintenance.

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【 Summary 】

 Sanko Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing manufacturer of electronic equipment products whose business is centered on the EMS, harness, and electrical installation materials businesses.
 The company originally did not have a system for full-scale backup and was concerned that data would be lost in the event of a system failure or other incidents. Therefore, the company adopted “ActiveImage Protector-RE”, a backup tool provided by Ranexi Corporation. By establishing a backup environment that can cover a wide range of locations, from virtual environments to PC terminals in the field, the company has gained peace of mind and can now make effective use of storage space.

Detail of the article:https://www.activeimage-re.com/casestudy/sankodenki.html

Service provider : RUNEXY CORPORATION
Service user : Sanko Electric Co., Ltd.

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