【 ledger system "biz-Stream" | Case Study】

The implementation of the biz-Stream ledger system has made it possible to produce real-time PDF statements stably, even with 5.2 million members, while keeping overall system costs under control.

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【 Summary 】

 Credit Saison Co., Ltd. offers services where customers can check their usage details on the internet at “Saison Net Answer” and “UC at Yunet!” platforms.
 Currently, approximately 120,000 new users join every month, and over 5.2 million members are using this service. However, because PDF statements for all members have been generated in advance using batch processing, the processing time for generating PDF files and the data storage environment have become increasingly burdensome as the number of members increases. Additionally, there is a tendency for access to the site to concentrate around the notification date for statement updates, which also caused concerns in terms of performance. Therefore, the company began considering ways to reduce the workload of statement creation and simultaneously reduce the amount of PDF statement data.
 To solve this problem, the company looked for a forms tool that could quickly generate PDF files through online processing, and selected “biz-Stream” provided by BrainSellers.com Corporation.
 As a result of the renewal of “Saison Net Answer”, incorporated the “biz-Stream” to a separately developed statement generation application and constructed a system that generates PDFs in real-time when a statement is requested by a member. As a result, although the number of members has increased more than tenfold since the introduction, the performance of generating statement PDFs has not decreased, and “biz-Stream” continues to perform consistently, even during periods of high access for statement issuance. The advantage of “biz-Stream’s” unique licensing system, the ability to develop the system in a short period, and the minimal impact on other surrounding systems have contributed to controlling overall system costs.

Detail of the article:https://www.brainsellers.com/product/bizstream/case/09saisoncard/

Service provider : BrainSellers.com Corporation
Service user : Credit Saison Co., Ltd.

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