【 RPA「Robo-Pat」 | Case Study】

Introducing the user-friendly RPA “Robo-Pat”, they successfully automated approximately 70 types of tasks and reduced the yearly equivalent of 24000 hours of work in less than a year!

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【 Summary 】

 Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Co., Ltd. issues international card brands such as “Diners Club Card” and “TRUST CLUB Card”. The company started considering the introduction of RPA as the major companies in the industry and its parent company had advanced in the implementation of RPA.
 In the process of introducing RPA, they were looking for RPA that they could create themselves in the department actually using RPA because developing it within their own IT department would result in excessive time and workload. Finally, they narrowed down to three products and after actually trying them out, they judged that the RPA “Robo-Pat” offered by FCE Process & Technology Co., Ltd. was the most optimal when considering the total cost and decided to introduce it. “Robo-Pat” was highly evaluated because it was very easy to handle because even beginners could understand the expressions of each command and it could be operated without having to make such detailed settings.
 After the introduction of the service, RPA was used to automate the adjustment of the cashback amount when users registered for cashback. Beforehand, manual input could result in large changes in the amount due to one-digit input errors, leading to stress for the responsible staff. However, RPA accurately calculates and reduces stress, eliminating mistakes. In addition, about 70 other RPAs were created, saving 24,000 man-hours per year.

Detail of the article:https://fce-pat.co.jp/case/52/

Service provider : FCE process and technology Co., Ltd.
Service user : Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Co., Ltd.

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