【 Security switch "TiFRONT" | Case Study】

By introducing the security switch “TiFRONT,” cyber attacks that exploit security vulnerabilities can be visualized, resulting in strengthened security measures!

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【 Summary 】

 NSW Inc. is a provider of IT solutions to enrich society with superior systems in the areas of business, IT services, LSI/FPGA development, and IoT.
 The company was in the process of researching products that could provide ransomware protection and was looking for a product that would compensate for security weaknesses and be inexpensive. At that time, they learned about “TiFRONT” by PIOLINK Inc., which has a function to detect DoS attacks that aim to stop services and ARP Spoofing, which is an eavesdropping method, and to notify the administrator via GUI. When they tried to attack that is used for security tests it demonstrated the required performance. Even so, some of the functions were still lacking, but the company and PIOLINK were able to work together to make improvements, and the system became something that NSW could introduce within the company and propose to its customers.
 As a result, NSW was able to proceed with the TiFRONT selection process at the companies to which it provides solutions, leading to its introduction in the IoT field and factory maintenance terminals.

Detail of the article:https://www.piolink.co.jp/sec2/support2_03.html

Service provider : PIOLINK, Inc.
Service user : NSW Inc.

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