【 Business Inteligence tool "InfoCabina Yellowfin Cloud" | Case Study】

Implemented BI tool “InfoCabina Yellowfin Cloud” to visualize management figures and HR data; developed BI dashboard and utilized it for position meetings and analytical report creation to streamline operations.

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Eye-catching image from the case study article on the introduction of NTT TechnoCross Corporation's cloud-based BI service "InfoCabina Yellowfin Cloud" by NEXTY Electronics Corporation.

【 Summary 】

NEXTY Electronics Corporation is engaged in the sales of electronic devices and semiconductors, contracted development of embedded software, and design and manufacturing support for electronic devices. The company established a new DX Strategy Office in FY2022, focusing on digitalization internally and externally.
The company, formed by the merger of two trading companies in 2017, was facing issues such as the fact that the two companies before the merger used different recording items and that the location and accuracy of data were unclear. The company wanted to solve these problems by introducing system integration and BI, as it was difficult to accurately grasp management figures.
The company chose InfoCabina Yellowfin Cloud for BI, and the deciding factors were the ability to add the comment input function necessary for the monthly analysis of business performance and the affinity for integration with AWS-based systems.
After the system was introduced, a BI dashboard “M-ViT” was created, and more than 300 people, including management, began to utilize it. The system can now be used not only as a document for monthly sales meetings, but also for reporting tasks such as performance analysis and progress management of important projects, thereby improving operational efficiency, and 70% of the users are satisfied with the results.

Detail of the article:https://www.ntt-tx.co.jp/case/nexty-ele/

Service provider : NTT TechnoCross Corporation
Service user : NEXTY Electronics Corporation

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