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TWOSTONE&Sons Inc. Selected as Strategic and IT Consulting Solution for Mynavi Corporation’s New Service Development

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【 Summary 】

< Overview >

In developing the new alumni support service “YELLoop,” Mynavi was searching for a development partner. After sending out requests for quotes to several companies and considering their options, Mynavi chose TWOSTONE&Sons. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the project advanced with a high-security service development led by a four-company team. We spoke with Mr. Yamamoto and Mr. Osaka from Mynavi’s New Business Development Department about this project.


< Challenges >

Difficulty in Finding a Development Partner

The absolute necessity for a high-security system made in-house development difficult, necessitating a reliable development partner with the necessary expertise and know-how externally. Furthermore, the situation demanded a swift selection of a development partner due to the need for quick turnaround on QA (※1) among other requirements.


< Decisive Factor >

Trust Gained Through Unmatched Speed

After requesting quotes from several companies, all but TWOSTONE&Sons responded that it was impossible to meet the timeline. TWOSTONE&Sons stood out as the only company “to offer a clear quote after swiftly organizing over 150 request requirements,” earning our trust with their speed.


< Effects >

Achieving Service Development that Met Request Requirements by Unifying a Complex Structure

Despite the difficulty in communication among the different companies during the pandemic, TWOSTONE&Sons took the lead in coordination, creating a reliable team structure.

The team, comprising four companies, developed a high-security system without significant issues.

Customers highly regard the service for its quality.


※1:Quality Assurance

Detail of the article:https://twostone-s.com/business/interview/case01/

Service provider : TWOSTONE&Sons Inc.
Service user : Mynavi Corporation

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