We have renewed “Search” and added two new services! We hope you will find them useful for your company’s PR!


 Today, we have completed the renewal work of Search and relaunched the site. In conjunction with this renewal, the following two new services will be launched.

1.Creation and publication of case study articles for freelancers and sole proprietors

2.Ads operation agency of the case study articles you have created

 Until now, we have specialized in case studies of BtoB companies, but recently there has been an increase in the number of company personnel requesting freelance services, so we have decided to create and publish articles on case studies of freelance services. We hope that freelancers and sole proprietors will use this opportunity as one of their PR tools.

 In addition, we have been distributing advertisements using various SNS since Search was first opened to the public, and now we are starting a service for companies and organizations, sole proprietors, and freelancers who have used our services to operate ads via SNS. We can guide you from as low as $1 per day, the minimum amount, and we will operate SNS ads on your behalf according to your budget.

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