What are case studies? Why are case studies necessary in B2B sales?


In B2B sales, case studies are one of the essential contents. This article explains what case studies are and why they are necessary. It is also a valuable resource for freelance writers or part-time writers who want to expand their work opportunities. Be sure to check it out!


  1. 1.What are case studies?
  2. 2.Why are case studies necessary in B2B sales?

What are case studies?

A case study is a specific example or instance used to explain or encourage understanding of a particular topic or issue. In the context of this article, case studies refer to articles that explain how companies or businesses that have implemented a particular service, or services of a freelance individual, have experienced after its implementation.

There are various ways to write case studies, ranging from academic papers to those with minimal content that only report on which companies have implemented a particular service. In addition, there are case studies written in the form of interviews. Our company produces case studies in an interview format. The advantage of this interview-style case study is that having a third-party involved increases the credibility of the content, and it is easy to understand where and what kind of content is written in the article.

Why are case studies necessary for B2B sales?

Some of you who are reading this article may be working in the field of writing or conducting interviews, or considering creating introduction case studies. Among them, there may be those who are interested in introduction case studies to keep up with the trend but do not fully understand the necessity of introduction case studies. Therefore, first, we will explain the necessity of introduction case studies.

One clear way to understand the necessity of the case study articles is through a marketing funnel like the diagram below.

A marketing funnel is a representation of the stages a potential customer goes through from becoming aware of a product or service to make a purchase.

The case study article is active in the comparison stage of this marketing funnel. From the “Awareness” stage where people have dissatisfaction with their work and want to improve, to the “Consideration” stage where they are collecting information about how to improve, to the “Comparison” stage where they compare the features of multiple services, they finally reach the “Purchase” stage.

Case study articles are the best type of article for the final stage of “Comparison” before purchase, and can be utilized as the strongest marketing and sales tool! What makes it different from other services? What are the evaluations of people who use it? Is any preparation necessary for the introduction? Did companies with the same concerns as ours solve their problems by introducing the service? All of these can be summarized in a highly effective article with a word-of-mouth effect, which is the case study article!

In addition, there are various other benefits of introducing case studies!

1. Increase purchase intention.

The B2B purchasing process is different from that of B2C. When a company purchases a product or service, careful consideration is necessary. Therefore, in B2B sales, it is important to demonstrate how the company’s products or services can be useful through case study articles. By presenting successful case studies of companies that have actually implemented the product or service, it is possible to increase purchase intention among other companies.

2. Increases credibility.

In B2B transactions, trust is critical between companies. Implementation case studies not only provide useful information to other companies but also play an important role in demonstrating that your own company is trustworthy. By using implementation case studies, you can increase the credibility of your products or services.

3. Differentiating from competitors

In the B2B market, differentiation from competitors is an important challenge. Case studies can clearly demonstrate how a company’s products or services differ from those of its competitors. Additionally, by presenting actual case studies, a company can highlight the superior aspects of its products or services compared to those of its competitors.

4. Increase brand awareness

B2B sales take time to acquire new customers compared to B2C sales. To acquire new customers, it is necessary to first make them aware of the existence of the company. Introducing case studies can increase brand awareness by providing concrete examples of how your products or services can be useful.

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