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A case study of retail store shelf space sponsorship of “Sumaho-Orikomi”, a location-based insert flyer delivery service to smartphones. Campaign sales increased 120% over the previous year.

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【 Summary 】

A case study of the use of "Sumaho-Oricomi," an ad serving service to smartphones provided by SPinno Co., LTD.
It is possible to set the conditions of "who", "when", and "where". For example, "Who: visitors", "When: within the past 180 days", and "Where: within a radius of 1 km of XX" can be set, enabling pinpoint ad delivery.
The advertising cost is charged when an advertisement is clicked. In the case of a retailer (drugstore), campaign sales increased 120% over the previous year with a monthly budget of 10 million yen.

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Service provider : SPinno Co.,LTD
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