【 Data application | Case Study】

Implemented Rtoaster, a data utilization platform that maximizes business value and utilizes accumulated data to improve services.

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【 Summary 】

ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS TRADING CO., LTD. operates “ANA Shopping A-style,” an e-commerce site that allows users to spend miles accumulated with ANA in small amounts.
The company has been using BrainPad Inc.’s data utilization platform “Rtoaster” since 2010, and in 2018 has made a number of fact-based improvements based on various analysis reports, including making up for sales in product categories where sales have declined.
The accumulation of a vast amount of customer interest data over time has enabled the company to become fact-based and data-driven, and when wine sales declined, for example, the company was able to recommend different products from those previously purchased to customers who prefer to buy wine.

Detail of the article:https://www.brainpad.co.jp/rtoaster/case/detail25/

Service provider : BrainPad Inc.

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