【 Employment of disabilities | Case Study】

In order to realize a secure and long-lasting working environment, it is essential to collaborate with a company that has expertise in the employment of people with disabilities; we introduced a farm business in collaboration with a company that has more than 10 years of accumulated know-how.

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【 Summary 】

At that time, Panasonic Corporation was facing the problems of aging employees with disabilities and a lack of know-how to accommodate them.
Panasonic Corporation felt the need for new employment know-how that did not exist within the company and visited the farm business of S-Pool Plus, Inc., a company that had long held its interest in the company.
The harvested vegetables and fruits are provided not only within the company but also outside the company, and feedback is shared, leading to more rewarding and stable employment for the staff.
In 2021, the third year of the project, the company will operate with 10 teams and 40 employees, accumulating experience.

Detail of the article:https://plus.spool.co.jp/case/detail/panasonic.html

Service provider : S-Pool Plus, Inc.
Service user : Panasonic Corporation

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