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E3.series and DS-2 from ZUKEN Inc. were introduced as a design and management system for aircraft development, enabling man-hour reduction and traceability in wire harness design and manufacturing.

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【 Summary 】

Aircraft require strict quality control and traceability throughout their lifecycle, which spans several decades, to ensure a high level of safety.
In the development of aircraft for the defense minister, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. has been spending an enormous amount of man-hours to obtain information on the design and manufacturing processes specific to each unit, as well as the locations of equipment and wiring harnesses that need to be changed for subsequent maintenance.
To solve this problem, ZUKEN Inc.’s E3.series and DS-2 were introduced.
This has enabled the construction of a new process that automates the matching of design data and the submission of drawings at each process, thereby reducing man-hours and enabling traceability in wire harness design and manufacturing.
It also significantly reduced the man-hours required to create data for continuity inspections of the 40,000 wire harnesses produced each month.

Detail of the article:https://www.zuken.co.jp/news/khi_e3_ds/

Service provider : ZUKEN Inc.
Service user : Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

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