【 Inquiry Response Tool | Case Study】

The introduction of the inquiry response tool made it possible to visualize the status of responses to inquiries and shortened the training period for new employees from one year to three months.

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【 Summary 】

Sucrey Co. Ltd., which develops a brand of sweets, was having problems responding to inquiries on its e-commerce site and implemented Re:lation as an inquiry response tool to solve the problem.
Before implementing Re:lation, it was difficult to know who had responded to which inquiry, resulting in duplicate responses and a lack of knowledge sharing.
The introduction of Re:lation has prevented double responses by keeping a history of who has responded to which inquiry, and has also made it possible to search the history and facilitate the flow of approval requests and revisions. This has reduced the time required to train new employees from a maximum of one year to three months.
Since the company has a store on the Rakuten market as well as its own e-commerce site, it used to be necessary to access the management screen to reply, but with Re:lation, it is now possible to respond without having to go to the management screen, making it easier and more efficient to grasp the status of the situation.

Detail of the article:https://ingage.jp/relation/sucrey

Service provider : INGAGE Inc.
Service user : Sucrey Co. Ltd.

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