【 MA Tool | Case Study】

Improved customer experience through hybrid analog-digital sales by introducing MA tools.

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【 Summary 】

Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. is promoting DX on a company-wide scale, including sales, manufacturing, and development and design, with the aim of “real-time sentient management.
Their sales style is based on a sales approach in which we go to the customer’s site frequently to build relationships. However, since the electronic components they handle are products whose specifications need to be compared, it is faster to show them digitally than to talk about them. Therefore, the MA tool “HubSpot” was introduced to promote the DX approach to sales so that speedy decisions can be made digitally with support while leveraging the strength of analog.
With the introduction of this tool, the company is now able to utilize customer information managed in the internal database toward “real-time sentient management.

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Service provider : HubSpot, Inc.
Service user : Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.

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