【 Data Communication Services for IoT | Case Study】

IoT enables “package drop” by unlocking the entrance of properties with auto locks.

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【 Summary 】

Linough Inc. is creating services that enhance the value of real estate by combining real estate and IT.
One of the services offered is “package drop with Linough,” which allows only the driver of a package designated for delivery to unlock the auto-locked entrance and make the delivery.
This service is an addition to the previously offered NinjaEntrance device for logistics providers.
The device receives instructions to open locks via the Internet and uses the SORACOM Air data communication service for its communication function.
The development of this device aimed to reduce the time from the remote lock-opening instruction to less than one second. In terms of security, “SORACOM Air” was able to meet the requirements in terms of being able to view usage history.
The ability to make leftover deliveries at apartment complexes with auto locks reduced the number of re-deliveries, resulting in lower logistics costs and CO2 emissions.

Detail of the article:https://iot-usecase.com/linough2/

Service provider : SORACOM, inc.
Service user : Linough Inc.

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