【 Live Communication Platform | Case Study】

Shifting from radios that can be used in a specific area to smartphones that can be used anywhere, reduced travel time for confirmation and time spent on explanations.

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【 Summary 】

Star Flyer Inc. is an airline based at Kitakyushu Airport.
Before the introduction of Buddycom, a live communication platform, the airline used radios for communication between in-flight and ground staff, but the area available was limited, the communication was voice only, and the running costs were high.
With the introduction of Buddycom, communication was shifted from radios to smartphones, and not only voice but also photo and text communication became possible, reducing the time it takes to make a decision. In addition, the company used to have to carry a separate business tool in addition to the radio, but now the tool can be carried on the smartphone, eliminating the need to carry two devices and leading to cost reductions.

Detail of the article:https://www.buddycom.net/ja/example/example-article19.html

Service provider : Science Arts, Inc.
Service user : Star Flyer Inc.

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