【 WEB Questionnaire | Case Study】

Web-based questionnaires before and after business meetings improved the productivity of sales operations.

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【 Summary 】

Atrae, Inc. operates a performance-based recruiting media “Green”.
The company’s sales operations are centered on inbound sales, in which business negotiations are conducted with customers who have made inquiries, and questionnaires are administered before and after business negotiations to improve operational efficiency and productivity.
In the past, they used to send out Excel questionnaires before business meetings and return them after the answers were filled out, but this was not only time-consuming in terms of sending and collecting the questionnaires, but also difficult in terms of data analysis. In addition, the company had to conduct interviews by phone after each business meeting, which was inefficient.
Therefore, they decided to introduce a questionnaire tool also for after business negotiations.
The first survey tool they introduced had frequent glitches, so they introduced “CREATIVE SURVEY for Salesforce” this time.
As a result, they were able to reduce the number of business negotiations by 15% while achieving highly accurate business negotiations by eliminating the need to conduct unnecessary business negotiations that did not match the needs of the client. In addition, the number of re-proposal acquisitions also increased, leading to an improvement in the closing rate and the number of orders received.

Detail of the article:https://jp.creativesurvey.com/use-case/case-27/

Service provider : CREATIVE SURVEY Inc.
Service user : Atrae,Inc.

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