【 3D printer | Case Study】

The introduction of a 3D printer increased the speed of prototyping and enabled the development of a robot hand that can grasp any object after more than 100 prototypes.

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【 Summary 】

Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.(ASPINA) is using a 3D printer for prototyping robot fingertip parts, cases, and attachments in the development of robot hands.
The introduction of the 3D printer has dramatically improved the speed of prototyping, and the immediate confirmation of samples with customers has facilitated smooth communication and speeded up the decision-making process.
This time, when it was time to replace the 3D printer, the company switched from the “ProJet® 3500HDMAX” to the “ProJet 2500Plus” by JB Service Co. The “ProJet 2500Plus” has enabled the company to use materials that can withstand heat resistance tests while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and reducing the speed of production to half that of the previous model.

Detail of the article:https://www.jbsvc.co.jp/casestudy/3d_printing/case02/projet2500plus_2.html?fbclid=IwAR1bdFgsVULT_igB6T2QsYx4h4fxjfVPMeOvvbL6T3fHLNqi8ajQMBACUVU

Service provider : JB Service Corporation
Service user : Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

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