【 Management Training | Case Study】

The introduction of the “Manedik” management training service changed managers’ attitudes with a 1% time investment.

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【 Summary 】

Future Link Network Co., Ltd. has been in business for about 20 years and has more than 100 employees, and has established management hierarchies such as department heads and managers.
Each manager was promoting his or her own way of doing things and relying on the potential of each individual, so we felt the need for training for managers, but we also felt that they would quickly forget if they simply learned in a classroom. When he received a proposal for “Manedik”, he was impressed with the service’s ability to train managers, because when Manedik was proposed to us, it was explained that it would not be difficult to invest 1% of one’s time each month on a topic that would have a great impact on the company’s future.
Through the training after the introduction of the service, there was a change in the managers’ awareness, and they began to actively consult with other managers and share information with other departments, something they had not done before.

Detail of the article:https://jam.manadic.com/case/790/

Service provider : JAM Inc.
Service user : Future Link Network Co.,Ltd.

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