【 Improved efficiency of expense reimbursement | Case Study】

Succeeded in reducing 10 hours of checking expense reimbursement. Shifted to high value-added work to realize an ideal accounting organization.

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【 Summary 】

Due to the nature of the video production industry, KEY pro Inc. frequently used cabs, and both onsite and backyard sides were burdened with cab receipt reimbursement. Each month, the company received approximately 200 cab receipts for all employees, which took 8 to 10 hours to process. Some of the receipts were for unclear purposes, so unnecessary communication costs were incurred, such as calling the person in question or the cab company to confirm the receipt.
“GO BUSINESS” automatically links cab receipts to the reimbursement system, eliminating the need for employees to go to the office on their days off to make reimbursements and saving time and effort in accounting. The system is also good for protecting the time and health of employees.
After the introduction of the service, it became easier for the accountants to concentrate on their work, as the dispersion of work due to frequent expense reimbursements was reduced. In addition, the receipt checks, which used to take about 10 hours, have been reduced to almost zero, and the workload on the field side and backyard side has been greatly reduced, making it easier to take on higher value-added work.

Detail of the article:https://go.mo-t.com/business/case/key-pro?fbclid=IwAR3bwdmwXSoxXCcpQphU7_adRe5muO_VPNZKMUWXwDvPqPu0ctGNwPqtGtc

Service provider : Mobility Technologies Co., Ltd.
Service user : KEY pro INC.

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