【 HitomeQ Connect, a comprehensive communication tool for nursing homes | Case Study】

The introduction of HitomeQ Connect, a comprehensive communication tool, at a special care home for the elderly optimizes the time and cost of contacting family members.

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【 Summary 】

At Tama Saiseien, a special nursing home for the elderly, they were pressed to respond to phone calls to families when there was an outbreak of a person with a concentrated contact of coronavirus infection, and in some cases, they spent considerable time making calls late into the night or even the next day, which they took for granted. However, I thought it would be convenient to have a system like a simultaneous e-mail, and when I was looking for a product that supports nursing homes, I found “HitomeQ Connect”. When they looked at the materials, they learned that it was not only a communication tool for family members but also had various functions that they wanted now.
When they heard about it, they learned that it was not just a contact function, but also that it could schedule online visits and had many other functions, and they also learned that HitomeQ Connect could change the analog work of counselors. When they considered the cost-effectiveness of the system, they decided to install HitomeQ Connect because the price was within our acceptable range, and they thought that the cost-effectiveness of the system would be no problem at all if they could take advantage of the various functions of HitomeQ Connect, considering the cost of paper and stamps for mailing.
Since the introduction of the system, the company now uses the system to schedule online and in-home visits and to confirm the safety of staff members. Previously, online visits were conducted online, but if the voice was too quiet, it was often difficult to be heard. However, HitomeQ Connect picks up even the quietest voices, making it easier to communicate. The safety confirmation function of HitomeQ Connect has solved the problem of not being able to create a contact network due to the problem of personal information.

Detail of the article:https://qol.konicaminolta.jp/hitomeq/connect/case/tamasaiseien

Service provider : KONICA MINOLTA, INC.
Service user : Tama Saiseien

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