【 Hacchu Navi, a support service for selecting suppliers | Case Study】

Using “Hacchu Navi,” a matching service that allows users to find a company to place orders with, it was able to connect with a company that requested system development based on rough requirements, thereby realizing automation of license management.

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【 Summary 】

TAKARAJOHO corp. sells UTM (Unified Threat Management) products made by overseas manufacturers, and has also established a support system. However, the company was having trouble standing between the domestic users to whom it sold the products and the overseas manufacturers who manufactured them and had to manage them in-house by linking the users/hardware/onboard software.
The series of operations from UTM sales to arrangements and post-sales management are complex and require a lot of human resources to handle. However, as the volume of transactions increased, the possibility of errors and delays gradually increased, and the company felt the need to automate the process.
The company did not have a development company with which it had a relationship for system development, so it was necessary to find a new one. Although the issue was clear, the requirements were not well defined. When putting out information about the project, the company envisioned a Web application system that would allow customers to apply for the project via the Web. However, we did not know what kind of system would be suitable, nor did they know what kind of development company they should hire. Therefore, they decided to use “Order Navi,” a matching service that allows customers to search for a company to place an order with a rough description of their requirements.
The company placed an order with Rail Consulting Corporation, a system development company that is based on a consulting firm, and successfully developed the system and automated the cumbersome license management.

Detail of the article:https://hnavi.co.jp/knowledge/interview/takarajoho_railconsulting/

Service provider : hacchu navi Inc.
Service user : TAKARAJOHO corp.

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