【 Cloud service "Quicker" | Case Study】

After introducing “Quicker,” a service that connects customers visiting the site with sales representatives in as little as 10 seconds, the number of orders received doubled and the contact rate improved significantly from 30% to 80%.

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【 Summary 】

The Sales Assist Division of WILLOF WORK, Inc. is engaged in a sales representative business called “Seiyaku,” which provides support from the formulation of sales strategies to their execution. At the time when the company started implementing measures to acquire inbound leads, the “contact rate” of potential customers who inquired about the company was a major issue. Therefore, they decided to introduce “Quicker,” a cloud service that is an inside sales support tool.
Before the introduction of the service, the company had received a certain amount of inquiries, but the major issue was that the inquiries did not lead to contact with the customers and then to orders. However, after implementing Quicker, the number of orders received doubled, and the customer contact rate improved significantly from 30% to 80%. This enables the company to communicate with customers who are genuinely interested in the company because Quicker can connect customers who used inquiries to the sales team and make a call minimum of 10 seconds.

Detail of the article:https://lp.quicker.app/case/willof-work

Service provider : Quikcer Inc.
Service user : WILLOF WORK, Inc.

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