【 Virtual space "oVice" | Case Study】

The introduction of the virtual space “oVice” has enabled employees to communicate and connect even when working remotely from a natural voice.

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【 Summary 】

transcosmos inc., a general trading company/Internet advertising agency in the digital age, faced the challenge of increasing the number of employees who were troubled by stagnant communication when working remotely. Conversations outside of work were considerably reduced, and newly joined new graduates and mid-career employees were unable to fit in with the team. They thought they needed to do something online rather than implement measures in real places. They heard that employees wanted to be more involved with various people, so they started looking for a tool that would allow them to communicate with various people even when working remotely, and found “oVice”.
I found “oVice” and it had features that I liked, such as a voice range that changed as people moved, and an intuitive UX. In addition, the system’s pricing is not based on the number of accounts, but on a per-space basis, which makes it easy to see and manage costs, and they decided to implement the system in earnest.
When they provided remote training to new graduates for the first time in 2020, there was a problem that it did not generate positive conversation and made it difficult for them to become friends with their peers with whom they had no contact in the training. However, when oVice was introduced in 2021, the scope of communication was expanded to include chats during gaps and introductions, and connections by peers to their peers. Even outside of training, because a situation in which “someone is always there” was created, accidental and natural talking to each other was occurring, and various conversations began to take place, leading to a solution to the communication problem.

Detail of the article:https://ovice.in/ja/usecase-transcosmosoffice/?fbclid=IwAR3vTjkWXuTZqFzfDWuUYRHu-6bmgQil6VB9RV5sJs_GnHBci25Di4zE464

Service provider : oVice, Inc.
Service user : transcosmos inc.

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