【 Real-time information sharing system "Sales Performer" | Case Study】

The introduction of “Sales Performer,” a system that enables real-time information sharing, resulted in a 272% increase in the number of appointments and a three-fold increase in the number of contracts signed.

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【 Summary 】

When Mr. Kaji, president of YOLO JAPAN CORPORATION, saw the “Sales Performer” on the company monitor at an acquaintance’s company, he thought, “Interesting! It looks exciting! He was so impressed that he decided to use Sales Performer.
Sales Performer is a real-time information sharing system that updates the progress of individual and team goals in real-time, allowing everyone to see at a glance what they need to do to achieve their goals. There are many variations in the way the results are presented, and they feel that this appeals to people’s emotions. In the past, they have devised a way to report when numbers have been raised, but the breaking news video interrupts the monitor to draw even more attention, making it the perfect time to appeal to the public. In addition, the system is linked to the “Slack” chat tool and automatically sends out messages, which they find very convenient.
In the two months since its introduction, the number of appointments and contracts has increased steadily. The number of appointments has increased by 364 compared to the number before the introduction of the system, which is partly due to the increase in the number of employees.

Detail of the article:https://topsales.jp/archives/5000?fbclid=IwAR1ARwM3lbAkDbEUeyAHSrfW51KFIuCZd6pSZQQJtXqaiEXh0rQ37FUyZw8

Service provider : SEVENTEEN Corp.

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