【 Cloud-based electronic medical record "Kirin Karte" | Case Study】

Improved the quality of medical records and reduce the time and effort required for transcription by introducing “Kirin Karte”, a cloud-based electronic medical record system.

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【 Summary 】

The director of Nakanishi Dermatology thought it was essential to introduce an electronic medical record in preparation for the future success of the clinic. There were several candidates other than Kirin Karte, but at the time, Kirin Karte was attractive from a cost standpoint because all functions were available free of charge. Later, when the sales staff explained the software to them, it was easy to understand and seemed to have the necessary functions, so they decided to install it. They had been using cloud-based accounting software for some time and found it very convenient, so they wanted to use cloud-based electronic medical records instead of on-premise ones, which was also a key factor in their decision to introduce Kirin Karte.
Before Kirin Karte, the director handwrote the charts and the staff had to input them, so there was a possibility that mistakes could occur when transcribing, but the switch to electronic charts eliminated that concern. The director tended to scribble when examining patients, and it was necessary to decipher the handwritten letters, but this is no longer necessary. The director himself is now able to describe in more detail and faster than when he was using paper charts, which has led to increased efficiency in his work.
As a dermatologist, he finds it particularly convenient to be able to import photographs of affected areas into the Kirin Karte. When they had paper charts, they had to print out the pictures and paste them in, so they no longer have to do this. The system also allows them to show the patient the images while they examine them, which they feel has increased the level of patient satisfaction.

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Service provider : PHC Corporation
Service user : Nakanishi Dermatology

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