【 Group Talk Solution "BONX WORK" | Case Study】

The introduction of BONX WORK, which connects all systems to voice, enables immediate hands-free information sharing during consultations. The system is also used for online medical services to improve security.

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【 Summary 】

Niseko International Clinic is a general hospital located in the center of the Niseko Resort, providing “general medical care,” “family medicine,” and “emergency medical care,” including internal medicine, pediatrics, and orthopedic surgery. In cooperation with the ski resort patrol, the clinic also accepts emergency patients who have suffered traumatic injuries while skiing or snowboarding.
In the past, the hospital used an in-house pitch and walkie-talkie, but this was discontinued because the walkie-talkie had a hands-free function but the voice was not very good, and the bulky equipment and wiring were cumbersome. Before introducing “BONX WORK,” doctors and clerical staff were at opposite ends of the clinic and a distance from each other, so they had to go directly to the receptionist to communicate their requirements or use the in-house pitch. The problem was that the lines would fill up quickly because of the large number of phone inquiries from patients.
The BONX can basically be left on and used for communication between doctors, nurses, and clerical staff, and the BONX has virtually eliminated the need to leave one’s seat. The BONX is useful for immediate information sharing because it is always connected, and the hands-free system, which allows users to talk while working at the push of a button, is also useful in the field. It is also being used in online medical care. The BONX can listen to voice calls made from a patient’s cell phone for telephone medical care, etc., so that the patient can be treated through the BONX. The doctors cannot use their cell phones to make calls because I don’t want my information to be leaked, but with BONX, an Internet phone, I don’t have to worry about that.

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Service provider : BONX INC.
Service user : niseko international clinic

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