【 Online counseling service “cotree” | Case Study】

Introduced “cotree”, an online counseling service, to strengthen mental health care due to its online-centric nature. As a third-party organization, mental health care was strengthened by establishing a contact point where employees can consult not only on work matters but also on their personal lives.

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【 Summary 】

 JMDC Inc. is a company that is working in the overall medical field, utilizing the power of data and ICT, with the mission of “providing a healthy and prosperous life to all people”.
 The company has a growing number of female employees and the age range is becoming more diverse, which can easily lead to overlapping life events, and the company hopes to have a system in place that can handle any concentration of employees who need support. In addition, the company feels that it needs to be more “attentive” to the mental health care of its employees now that they are in a new environment with the Corona Disaster.
 Originally, the company had an industrial physician, a health consultation office, and a clinic, and had been making efforts to support employees’ health. However, some employees felt that it was too difficult to meet with an industrial physician, and the company did not have a mental health consultation service that allowed employees to easily ask for help.
 It was difficult for people around the company to notice small changes in members’ health, and the company felt it was difficult to provide support in the early stages of illness.
 In addition, the online-centered working style due to the coronavirus has increased the difficulty of communication, and in light of these changes in the environment, they felt that it would be good to have a point of contact to run to, including for private consultations on mental health issues. This was the impetus for introducing the “cotree” online counseling service.
 When they actually used the service, they found that it was good to be able to verbalize and resolve issues that they could not discuss with their colleagues or family members. Since daily motivation is also linked to work performance, they also felt that it was beneficial to be able to discuss private matters.

Detail of the article:https://corp.cotree.jp/mXfghDKh/-lNgFjF8?fbclid=IwAR2AIPTCv92aHQgJL4sRNYkKu6LWYYvaHLMJSjdWC5dW-SAKdOTw0hKq2Bs

Service provider : cotree Co., Ltd.
Service user : JMDC Inc.

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