【 Vulnerability Management Cloud "yamory" | Case Study】

The introduction of yamory, a vulnerability management cloud, has enabled the company to automate vulnerability management and improve the efficiency of its vulnerability countermeasures.

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【 Summary 】

 Visional Group is involved in a wide range of SaaS services, including M&A, Logistics Tech, Sales Tech, and Cyber Security, centered on the HR Tech domain with Bizreach and HRMOS.
 The company’s manual IT asset identification and vulnerability management had been increasing man-hours with the company’s growth and business diversification, and the introduction of an automated solution had become an issue. To meet this challenge, the company implemented “yamory,” a vulnerability management cloud service from Assured, Inc.
 With the introduction of yamory, vulnerability management, which used to be done manually, is now automated, so man-hours are no longer spent on vulnerability management. The company also found that Yamory’s simple UX, which is easy to use even for engineers who are not familiar with security, made it easy to use the tool at a glance, which was also an advantage for the company.

Detail of the article:https://yamory.io/blog/case-visional/?fbclid=IwAR0KhKUFKd4qVjRqcte2O_x4_w-4xZ098CZ6tP9sMNvKLp0XyIL74zKFYTI

Service provider : Assured, Inc.
Service user : Visional, Inc.

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