【 FULLTIME, an RPA tool specialized for PC business automation | Case Study】

Work efficiency through automation of email correspondence reduced work hours by 50%, resulting in cost savings!

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【 Summary 】

 Fineseed Inc. provides next-generation healthcare testing services such as genetic testing and intestinal flora testing.
 The company originally outsourced the handling of inquiries but felt that “human error” was a problem. Although many of the inquiries basically did not require human judgment, the number of response and processing errors did not decrease, and in many cases, they resulted in complaints. In addition, when the person in charge of the outsourcing company was changed, it was also burdensome to have to explain the details of the work from scratch. Therefore, we decided to introduce FULLTIME when we began to consider the possibility that it might be better to do all of the work in-house. The company decided to introduce FULLTIME because it was quick to respond to any questions, and the cost was lower than the previous SG&A expenses.
 After introducing FULLTIME, the company stopped outsourcing the response to inquiries and changed to an operating system with three in-house members and an RPA robot. Since the RPA robot always handles about half of the inquiry e-mails, the actual work time has been cut in half. Furthermore, “human error,” which was an issue before the introduction of RPA, has been reduced to zero, and “handover of work when the person in charge changes” is no longer necessary with the robot, allowing work to continue without interruption.

Detail of the article:https://full-time.info/fineseed/

Service provider : Asnica Inc.
Service user : Fineseed Inc.

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