【 Sales Organization Consulting "Sales Enablement Program" | Case Study】

Implemented sales organization consulting services from Buff Inc. to build an organizational infrastructure away from management by personal efforts.

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【 Summary 】

 OTETSUTABI corp. is a company that provides a service that connects local communities and travelers through “assistance.
 The company started the service with three people and was at a point where they needed to build more of a team. Until then, the company did not have a culture of recording anything and felt that the state of the company was difficult to communicate to a third party was a challenge. At that time, when they heard from someone who had taken Buff Inc.’s Sales Enablement Program at a previous job, it was the perfect solution to the sense of challenge they were feeling, so they decided to implement the program.
 After completing the program, they were able to build an organizational foundation through thorough record keeping, the introduction of morning and evening meetings, and a review of weekly meetings.

Detail of the article:https://buffup.jp/case-study/otetsutabi

Service provider : Buff Inc.
Service user : OTETSUTABI corp.

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