【 Cloud health management system "mediment" | Case Study】

By introducing the cloud health management system “mediment,” the company breaks away from paper-based management to utilize health checkup data and approach employees with high health risks.

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【 Summary 】

 TOHKAI Engineer Corporation has offices throughout Japan, and there are more than 50 organizations that receive health checkups. Filing the paper health checkup results sent from these institutions took a lot of man-hours, and the company had not been able to get around to recommending the second round of health checkups. In addition, at the company’s monthly health committee meetings, most of the contracted time was allocated to having the industrial physician review the results of the paper-based health checkups, so the company was not receiving advice on health management. Therefore, the company decided to introduce mediment, a cloud health management system.
 In order to encourage employees to receive secondary health checkups through mediment, the company intends to explain health risks and make recommendations for secondary checkups while maintaining good communication with employees in the future. In addition, since it is important to raise employees’ health awareness, the company also would like to not only manage but also let employees themselves know that they can protect their own health.

Detail of the article:https://mediment.jp/case06

Service provider : mediPhone, Inc.
Service user : TOHKAI Engineer Corporation

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