【 Room Tag [Room Service Application] | Case Study】

The introduction of the Room Tag guest room service management system has eliminated the need for nearly 150 calls per day for instructions on rooms to be cleaned, and also eliminated the need for paper sheets for inspections.

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【 Summary 】

 At RIHGA ROYAL GRAN OKINAWA, the cleaning staff was instructed by phone to clean rooms, and guest room and guest information had to be confirmed by phone each time. On a typical day, the control staff had to respond to 100 to 150 calls, which meant that they could not leave the phone at all times, and the cleaning staff had to call again and again when there was a backlog of calls. Therefore, they decided to introduce Room Tag, a room service management system. One of the deciding factors was that the design of the terminal operation screen was easy for elderly staff to understand and simpler and easier to operate.
 As a result of the introduction of Room Tag, the controller no longer has to answer nearly 150 calls a day, and that time can be used for other tasks, leading to improved productivity. In addition, the ability to check the rooms to be cleaned on the terminal allows the cleaning staff to smoothly move on to the next cleaning task, and since information on the completion of cleaning can also be checked, there is no longer a need to check the rooms to be inspected each time. Furthermore, the conventional paper sheets for inspections are no longer needed, leading to shorter inspection times and improved inspection accuracy.

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