【 Platform solution "CincomCPQ" | Case Study】

Achieved a 60% reduction in lead time from order receipt to product shipment by introducing CincomCPQ, a platform solution for product configuration, price calculation, and quotation creation support.

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【 Summary 】

 Dayton Lamina Corporation of the United States is an industry leader in stamping die components for metal forming in Europe and the United States.
 The company offers its customers a short turnaround time, with a minimum turnaround time of one day. However, the company had an aging order processing system and chose to replace it with CincomCPQ, a platform solution that provides total support for Configure-Price-Quote (product configuration, price calculation, and quotation creation).
 After implementing the system, the company developed an order entry system to validate millions of order combinations, an inventory selection process to optimize inventory usage, and a manufacturing process application to select the work required to convert inventory availability into the parts ordered by the customer from the manufacturing process. The system allows supply chain partners to enter orders directly via the Internet.
 The system has resulted in a time savings of approximately 50% in terms of average programming time and a 60% reduction in lead time from order receipt to product shipment.

Detail of the article:https://www.cincom.co.jp/blog/cpq_case_dayton

Service provider : Cincom Systems Japan Ltd.
Service user : Dayton Lamina Corporation

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