【 SRE construction comprehensive support service "Sreake" | Case Study】

With the introduction of “Sreake”, a comprehensive support service for SRE construction, IAM was organized, making the existing structure more sophisticated and accelerating problem-solving.

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【 Summary 】

 CADDi Inc. is a start-up company established in 2017, with a corporate philosophy of “Unleashing the potential of the manufacturing industry,” aiming to realize a society in which all people involved in manufacturing can maximize their inherent capabilities, and to create a “new mechanism” that will change the common sense of the industry for this purpose.
 Since the company uses Google Cloud, we wanted knowledge of Google Cloud operations and advanced knowledge of SRE and infrastructure to accelerate the scale of the organization. They also wanted to get support for reviewing IAM (Identity and Access Management) operations, which is when they introduced “Sreake”, a comprehensive support service for SRE construction.
 After the introduction of the service, it became easier to update the middleware version, and IAM was organized to simplify the authorization process when a new engineer joined the company. In addition, unnecessary alerts were reduced and thresholds were reviewed, which resulted in less wasted time. As a result, the platform team is now able to use the time created to provide the value it should be providing. In addition, as the organization expanded, when it was necessary to design IAM to withstand the expansion, the redesign of IAM enabled the transfer of authority to the development team. The IAM management can now be completed within the development team without the platform team becoming a bottleneck.

Detail of the article:https://sreake.com/case/caddi/

Service provider : 3-shake Inc.
Service user : CADDi Inc.

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