【 "Koh-chare", a comprehensive recruitment support service for high school graduates | Case Study】

Introduced “Koh-chare”, a comprehensive recruitment support service for high school graduates, enabling the company to hire two graduates on a stable basis each year.

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【 Summary 】

 F.create Corp. is in the furniture construction business. In the installation of fixtures, the company is often viewed as a construction business, even though it is an assembly type and has assembly workers and the work performed is different. The company was facing challenges in terms of recruitment and retention after hiring, partly due to being lumped together as a construction business.
 When the company began recruiting high school graduates, it initially asked other companies to provide recruiting support, but when the results were slow to materialize, it decided to introduce “Koh-chare”, a comprehensive recruiting support service for high school graduates.
 After introducing this service, the company has been able to recruit two graduates every year on a stable basis. Through the use of this service, the company realized the importance of branding within its own company and realizing its relationship with schools.

Detail of the article:https://kouchare.jp/voice/456/

Service provider : COFFISO Co.,Ltd.
Service user : F.create Corp.

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