【 IoT Platform "IoT Cube"/Pay BOX | Case Study】

Introduced “PayBOX” in new massage chair models to enable cashless payment.

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【 Summary 】

 Body Work Service Co., Ltd. is engaged in the installation development, rental, and sale of massage chairs to various facilities, companies, and individuals nationwide.
 Conventional coin-operated systems require cash to be collected once or twice a month, and it takes too much time to collect the cash, register it in the sales management system, and finalize sales. Therefore, it became necessary to develop a device compatible with a cashless payment that would allow sales to be tracked in real-time. If sales could be monitored at any time through cashless payment, it would facilitate relocation to locations with high utilization rates, expansion plans, and maintenance plans, and it would also reduce the cost of collecting cash from coin boxes. Against this backdrop, the company was considering the possibility of cashless payment when it received a proposal from Feitian Japan Co., Ltd. The company decided to introduce “Pay BOX” because of its many payment methods and ease of introduction.
 After introducing Pay BOX, we realized how good the support was. The development of a new model compatible with cashless payment required a very different approach, but we were able to bring the actual equipment to Feitian Japan Co., Ltd., and repeatedly test the settlement process. Bar code payment terminals can be purchased inexpensively through mail order, but they feel it was difficult to incorporate them into a massage machine without support.

Detail of the article:https://ftsafe.co.jp/cases/bws/

Service provider : Feitian Japan Co., Ltd.
Service user : Body Work Service Co.,Ltd.

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