【 Sales tool "Magic Moment Playbook" | Case Study】

Sales activities became more efficient with the introduction of the sales tool “Magic Moment Playbook”, and the number of appointments increased to 50, up from about 10 before the introduction of the tool.

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【 Summary 】

 Metaps Inc. provides “Metaps Cloud,” a service that centrally manages SaaS, reducing costs by visualizing subscriptions, increasing efficiency through batch management, and enhancing security through access management.
 In order to expand its services, the company believed that it needed two axes: a system that would enable anyone to implement its sales know-how, and a system that would shorten the lead time for obtaining appointments and improve the certainty of business negotiations. It was at this time that the company learned about the sales tool “Magic Moment Playbook”. The more orders you receive, the more you develop a story pattern that sells, and by setting the pattern, the system automatically suggests what you should do on that day. By following the suggestions, they could reduce man-hours and increase the number of approaches, and they introduced the tool because they believed it would solve their problems.
 Before the introduction of the tool, the number of appointments was about 10, but after the introduction of the tool, the target of 50 appointments was achieved. The Magic Moment Playbook increased the volume of sales activities, shortened the time required to obtain appointments, and increased the number of approaches to the target, all of which contributed to the increase in appointments. This was a factor in the increase in the number of appointments.

Detail of the article:https://www.magicmoment.jp/academy/case08/

Service provider : Magic Moment Co.,Ltd.
Service user : Metaps Inc.

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