【 "Trust Conversions" fraud detection solution | Case Study】

Implemented Trust Conversions, a fraud detection solution, to automate the online sales process, resulting in fewer false positives and a 90% reduction in chargebacks.

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【 Summary 】

 ASICS was hesitant to approve transactions that exceeded the general threshold because of the high risk involved. Originally, the company’s customer service team manually verified transactions based on a set of rules, but the increased number of new customers had increased the burden, increasing misclassifications and customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, the company decided to automate its fraud prevention response by introducing Forter’s fraud detection solution, Trust Conversions.
 With the service’s implementation, ASICS can now automate 100% of its online transactions and quickly identify legitimate customers with greater confidence. In addition, the company integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to provide a seamless purchase process experience, increasing value and retention.

Detail of the article:https://www.forter.com/customers/asics/

Service provider : Forter, Ltd.
Service user : ASICS Corporation

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