【 Online sales system "bellFace" | Case Study】

Utilizing the remote control function of the “bellFace” online sales system, a system was established that allows customers to complete the application process on the Web.

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【 Summary 】

 Palsystem-Kanagawa connects 340,000 members and producers in Kanagawa Prefecture and delivers “food safety” to each household.
 Amidst the recent publicity surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, the company initially visited customers’ homes to explain and sign contracts after receiving inquiries, but some began to express concern that they might be infected by visiting employees. After trying out “bellFace,” which had already been introduced at Palsystem-Chiba, the company decided to introduce bellFace because it was the best solution in terms of uninterrupted phone calls, screen sharing as an extension of the phone call, and other features that could be used without being affected by the environment.
 After installing bellFace, the company has been using the remote control function frequently. Unlike the usual screen sharing function, the remote control function allows the staff member to display the application page and directly gives the other party the authority to operate the page, which saves time and effort on the other party’s part and has dramatically reduced the number of input errors.

Detail of the article:https://casestudy.bell-face.com/palsystem-kanagawa/

Service provider : bellFace Inc.
Service user : Consumer's Cooperative Palsystem-Kanagawa

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