【 Renewal of automated warehouse system | Case Study】

The renewal of the automated warehouse system made it sufficient to operate 10 hours a day instead of 24 hours a day and improved the utilization rate to 140%.

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【 Summary 】

 The sales warehouse (Yokohama Fresh Center) is operated by YOKOHAMALOGISTICS INC. Since all inventory is managed by the customer, the center basically receives packages from the customer, arranges them according to the customer’s instructions, and then delivers them.
 The center’s system, which was installed 11 years ago when the center was established, was not working properly. The reason for this was that the machines and the system had been installed by different companies, and they did not work well together, causing frequent stoppages and malfunctions. In the end, for about six years after the company was established, the system was used only to run the automated warehouse, and the rest of the system was managed on paper. The system stopped repeatedly, causing problems for customers, and the company received a large amount of compensation for damages. Just as they were thinking that something had to be done about this situation, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred and the automated warehouse was destroyed. APT corp. was able to make detailed adjustments to match the current operations based on the existing facilities, and the quoted price was about 20 million yen less than that of a major manufacturer.
 Before the system was updated, the system operated 24 hours a day, but after the update, it now operates only 10 hours a day. Furthermore, if the utilization rate before the update was 100%, it is now 140% in 10 hours, and the workload has increased dramatically. The increased speed and elimination of waste in the operation of the warehouse have also resulted in a reduction in electricity costs, from a maximum of 8 million yen per month in the summer to 7 million yen per month. The company has also eliminated any major damages.

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Service provider : APT corp.

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