【 Accounting and accounting consulting "MerryBiz Accounting DX" | Case Study】

Successfully de-personalized operations by introducing MerryBiz Accounting DX, an accounting and accounting consulting service. Work has become more efficient, man-hours have been reduced, and overtime hours have been cut.

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【 Summary 】

 Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. is a trading company engaged in the import, export, and sales of steel products, processing, and supply chain management.
 The company was experiencing a shortage of staff, which was causing increased workloads and overtime, a sense of stagnation in the organization, and an inability to balance daily work and projects. The company needed to increase the number of staff to solve these problems, and tried to do so through “transfers” and “hiring,” but it had just moved people out of the accounting department, so it was difficult to immediately get them back through transfers, and it was also difficult to immediately hire personnel with both consolidated accounting and sales accounting skills. It was also difficult to hire people with both consolidated accounting and sales accounting skills. Since the problem of excessive overtime had to be resolved immediately, there was no time to train newly hired employees after they were hired, so they decided that they needed a special remedy other than hiring. Therefore, the company hired MerryBiz Inc. to handle a wide range of accounting and accounting tasks, from sales accounting to advanced accounting tasks such as consolidated accounting, IFRS compliance, and financial statement preparation. Currently, the company also provides support for financial closing operations and streamlining/restructuring of business processes using MerryBiz Accounting DX.
 With MerryBiz Accounting DX, the company has de-personalized its operations as a result of having consultants participate in the improvement and modification of the system. In addition, the company feels that the work process has been streamlined and the number of man-hours has been considerably reduced. Previously, due to the extremely tight timeframe and shortage of staff, there were concerns about the checks and inspections required for the settlement of accounts, but outsourcing has brought in third-party eyes, which has improved the accuracy of the work.

Detail of the article:https://merrybiz.co.jp/news/benichu/

Service provider : MerryBiz Inc.
Service user : Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc.

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