【 "Loglass" business management cloud | Case Study】

By introducing Loglass, a business management cloud, the company has moved away from Google spreadsheets, eliminated security risks, and reduced man-hours.

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【 Summary 】

 Gunosy Inc. had been managing budgeting, management accounting, and performance management on separate spreadsheets, which resulted in errors and extra work. In addition, the company felt that the intended authority management was not possible due to limitations in the authorization settings for viewing and editing the sheets. In addition, the company wanted to improve the productivity of the entire organization by promoting DX and building a foundation that would enable it to respond smartly to future business expansion. After comparing various systems, including the company’s accounting staff, many of them agreed that Loglass was the best choice, and they narrowed their focus to Loglass at an early stage. The decision to implement Loglass was based on the fact that the company had been in contact with Loglass for some time and had a shared sense of the issues they were facing, as well as the fact that Loglass had been significantly updated in terms of functionality.
 After implementing the system, the company was able to reduce man-hours by consolidating scattered data and files into a single system. Mistakes caused by spreadsheets were reduced, and the ability to flexibly export forecasts to each department or any grouping made the work more efficient. In addition, the ability to quickly tabulate subsidiary company forecasts and monthly landing estimates, and to seamlessly check consolidated figures, has eliminated the bottlenecks that existed when the data was previously compiled in spreadsheets.

Detail of the article:https://www.loglass.jp/case-study/gunosy

Service provider : Loglass Inc.
Service user : Gunosy Inc.

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