【 Automatic billing system "Sabusuku-Pay". | Case Study】

Introduced “Sabusuku-Pay”, an automated billing system that enables customer management, to meet the needs of the content digitization era.

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【 Summary 】

 KADOKAWA Corporation has been releasing a series of services that allow users to easily enjoy digitized content on a variety of devices to continuously create excellent content and deliver it to readers in a variety of forms.
 The company’s newly launched ASCII Club charges users every month, so they were looking for a payment system that supported a subscription model and had a strong security database because it would hold personal information. It was at this time that they learned about “Sabusuku-Pay,” an automated billing system that allows customer management, and decided to implement it.
 After introducing this system, the company was able to build a system to collect monthly content distribution fees without any hassle and to establish a unique customer management system with security features. The system also offers a variety of payment functions to satisfy users who like new things.

Detail of the article:https://www.robotpayment.co.jp/service/payment/case/kadokawa.html

Service provider : ROBOT PAYMENT INC.

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