【 Appointment Acquisition Service | Case Study】

By introducing an appointment acquisition service and receiving feedback on factors that worked and did not work, the company was able to cultivate sales know-how and ideas for sales strategies.

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【 Summary 】

 RHODIUM.inc is in the business of developing scenarios for RPA products (Microsoft’s “Power Automate for desktop”) and training services to support in-house RPA production.
 The company operates in partnership with partner businesses. Originally from an engineering background, the company had no experience in sales and thus did not have the structure or know-how. When Edge Connection, Corp. introduced its appointment acquisition agent service, RPA itself was not yet widely known, and the man-hours required to set up the service, hire and train staff, and other resources required for the overall sales process leading up to receiving an order were expensive. Since the company’s strength lies in its technical capabilities in RPA, it was thought that hiring an outside professional would provide the best overall performance in terms of cost and operational efficiency, rather than allocating resources to other areas, so that the quality they most wanted to provide would not be compromised.
 Since implementing the service, they have learned how to think about sales strategy by receiving feedback on factors that worked well and reasons why they did not work well. As a result, the quality of the sales process has improved within the company as a result of sales know-how. The company does not consider the appointment acquisition service provided by Edge Connection, Corp. to be an outsourcing service, but rather considers it to be its own inside sales department and works together with the company on sales activities.

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Service provider : Edge Connection,Corp.
Service user : RHODIUM.inc

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