【 OMO service utilizing real behavior big data | Case Study】

Visualize the characteristics of theaters by utilizing big data of real behavior using beacons. SNS advertisements that combine content and location information with this data have achieved CTRs in excess of 3%.

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【 Summary 】

 TOKYO BROADCASTING SYSTEM TELEVISION, INC. is aiming to transform itself from a media group to a content group as a whole at a time when lifestyles are diversifying, and the media environment is undergoing a major transformation. And TBS is taking on the challenge of a big project that will transform the city of Akasaka with the first Asian landing of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” a stage play celebrating the 70th anniversary of TBS, which has been a huge hit around the world. The two theaters that are being used as real entertainment platforms for this project are the “TBS Akasaka ACT Theater” and “IHI Stage Around Tokyo.
 With the opening of the stage coming up, they analyzed what kind of characteristics Akasaka has based on the real behavior big data of unerry Inc. and analyzed demographic information, behavioral DNA that shows deviation from usual behavioral trends, and same-day stopovers with a heat map. Comparing the characteristics of theater visitors, while there were large differences in the age groups that visited, the “behavioral DNA” analysis showed generally similar results despite the areas being far apart and thus found commonalities in the behavioral characteristics of those who visit the city due to their enthusiasm for the content.
 Before the opening of the stage production of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” “Dinoa Live” was held to provide an immersive experience as if there were a live dinosaur in front of you. Using data from “Beacon Bank,” a real action data platform by unerry Inc., they found people who were likely to visit dinosaur-related events and museums in the past, as well as people who had visited “IHI Stage Around Tokyo,” and used SNS advertising and push distribution to them. As a result, recorded a tap rate of approximately 5%, an extremely high rate compared to unerry’s past results.

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Service provider : unerry Inc.

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