【 Planning and production services for BtoB corporate sales promotion content | Case Study】

HOKUTOSHA Co., Ltd. was commissioned to produce content to be posted on the signage, and then created a generic template and sales flyers that can be easily used by customers.

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【 Summary 】

 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation was to launch a new cloud-type signage service called “Giga-Raku Signage,” but since there was no scheme to produce content for the service, they were looking for a partner to collaborate with. At that time, one of the companies they met at the Expo was HOKUTOSHA Co., Ltd. HOKUTOSHA Co., Ltd. specializes in sales promotions related to BtoB solutions and has many relationships with the IT industry, so they had a high affinity with the company. In addition, the company’s production record showed that all of its catalogs were of high quality and clearly conveyed the points that should be emphasized in the product.
 HOKUTOSHA Co., Ltd. produced a generic template that customers could use as a service for Giga Raku Signage and a flyer for the collaboration. With the general-purpose template that was produced, anyone can quickly post the flyer, making it easier to market the signage service. In addition, the flyers produced were easy for sales representatives to understand, making it easier for customers to understand them during the sales process.

Detail of the article:https://contentsmanagement.jp/voice/01/

Service provider : HOKUTOSHA Co.,Ltd.

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