【 Support for introduction and operation of MA tools | Case Study】

The introduction of MA tool implementation and operation support services enabled the company to develop a marketing approach that flexibly changes strategies according to effectiveness.

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【 Summary 】

 HBF Health Limited is the fourth largest insurance company in Australia with over one million customers.
 The company was facing challenges in customer acquisition and customer satisfaction amid the economic downturn, rising healthcare costs, and increasing competition among insurance companies. To solve these issues, the company implemented Oracle’s Eloqua marketing automation platform, and MarketOne supported the entire process from implementation to operation, enabling the company to implement a new marketing approach using MA four months earlier than originally planned.
  After implementation, through collaboration among the departments involved in MA operations, the company was able to quickly develop campaign initiatives that met market needs. In addition, a system was established to measure the effectiveness of the measures, enabling the company to quickly change its strategy depending on the effectiveness of the measures. In this case, MarketOne supported the company not only in the introduction of MA but also in the preparation of data essential for the use of MA tools and the implementation of the PDCA cycle. As a result, the company was able to build an MA platform that allows it to develop a flexible marketing approach that changes strategies according to the effectiveness of the tool.

Detail of the article:https://japan.marketone.com/articles/hbf-ma

Service provider : MarketOne Japan, LLC
Service user : HBF Health Limited

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