【 PR support by Story Design house | Case Study】

Supported PR activities from PR strategy development to public relations activities, helping to gain recognition for new stores and spread the brand’s core values. Achieved various media coverage when opening new stores.

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【 Summary 】

 Heijoen Co., Ltd. is a long-established yakiniku chain operating mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The company purchases a whole cow of A5-class wagyu beef, processes, and ages it at its factory, and serves it at each of its restaurants.
 In 2020, the company decided to open a new Heijoen restaurant, an offensive move amid the damage to the restaurant industry caused by the Corona disaster, and asked Story Design house Inc. to do PR for the restaurant.
 Both “Tokyo Yakiniku Heijoen Kinshicho Ekimae Plaza Store” opened in July 2020 and “Wagyu All-you-can-eat Hall of Fame Akihabara Meat Shop Yokocho” opened in November 2020, media tasting events were held at the new stores to allow people to experience Heijoen’s menu as well as a presentation by a Heijoen representative. As a result of the PR activities, which were designed to present to the media the entire supply chain and its commitment, which had not been talked about before, the restaurant was featured in a variety of media outlets, especially in the lifestyle and gourmet food categories.

Detail of the article:https://www.sd-h.jp/case/heijoen

Service provider : Story Design house Co. Ltd.
Service user : Heijoen Co. Ltd.

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