【 OutSystems, an ultra-high-speed low-code development platform | Case Study】

OutSystems was implemented to develop a business support application for a cooperative company, and the application implementation and migration went smoothly.

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【 Summary 】

 TAKAGI CO., LTD. has an overwhelming share of more than 60% in the domestic market for water purifiers, and in recent years has expanded its business into Southeast Asia.
 With the increase in sales volume, the company is now required to digitize various processes, such as purchase applications, instead of sharing information mainly through paper media with cooperating companies, as it has done in the past. Therefore, the company adopted OutSystems, an ultra-high-speed development platform that can be developed quickly and has high operational efficiency.
 The company feels that OutSystems has been a great advantage in the development of business applications, as it has allowed for smooth introduction and migration of web applications and has allowed for rapid response to business requirements. OutSystems also plays a major role as the core of the IT infrastructure construction on the hybrid cloud.

Detail of the article:https://www.bluememe.jp/case-studies-takagi/

Service provider : BlueMeme Inc.
Service user : TAKAGI CO.,LTD.

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